In the studio…

Hello, internet. Doctor Pizza rang in the New Year by hunkering down in the studio for a couple of days with a lot of fun toys. No new album anytime soon, but there are many ideas a-brewin’! Our friend Ryan came by to capture some of the studio ambiance, and here are some of his pictures. We hope everyone had a safe new year’s eve and didn’t appear in any regrettable photos. Just kidding, we saw ’em before they were taken down. Good luck living that one down, and no, we don’t have any stain remover.

Peace, love, and pizza,

Doctor Pizza (album)

The creation of this album was quite an experience for us.  It’s great to finally have a deliverable medium of the album as opposed to just sending out Soundcloud and Bandcamp links. We have heard several people request it on vinyl (which would be an 8 month wait at best according to most local record stores) and people saying they don’t buy CDs anymore.  I feel this album works well on CD because it can be a great one for driving. Get yourself a copy and throw it in your car’s CD player during your next long commute….let us know how it works out for you!